New Designs Exhibited with Nicholas Kilner Gallery at Collective Design 2

Johnny Swing's furniture displayed by the Nicholas Kilner Gallery at Collective Design 2

My second year of showing at Collective Design Art Fair in NYC.  This year the show was held at Moynihan Station / The New York City Post Office on 34th St.  The work being exhibited by Nicolas Kilner was shown in a way that brought light to the dynamic truss structure supporting the seating surface that has generally been blocked visually by the coins in my work.

Using the mold for the Butterfly/Half Dollar Chair I have been expanding my designs beyond the strict usage of coins with the rollar coaster-like substructure.  This new work has a triangulated truss structure that looks like it was growing organically from teh feet up.  The effect is a pleasing mix of symmetry and randomness which encourages regular reexamination, much like the joy felt while watching clouds or fire. The work has a vagueness like it could have been dredged up from the bottom of the ocean, crustaceans that grew onto an existing object.