Murmuration at Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC

Johnny Swing's coin furniture at the Four Season's Restaurant in New York

Every once in a while the stars align; the evening of the Storm King Gala on Oct 16 ’13 at the Four Seasons Restaurant was of those times, meeting with friends and meeting new ones was the delightful spirt of the evening. I left the night with the treasure of a new friends, Lisa & Julian Niccolini. The friendship has yielded many non-noodle meals and the resulting exhibition of my piece “murmuration” now on view at the Grill Room of The Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC.

Since it’s arrival the excitement surrounding the piece has been full of wonder; from the stories that I hear and the scenes that I have witnessed when I stop by for a drink. The piece is always being sat on or lounged in by happy couples with big smiles and camera proof of their time clicking away.